I get a kick out of re-using just about any material possible. Not a lot of stuff makes it into our garbage can every week.

Paul gave up on some holey old jeans that I put back into service in interesting ways:

Draft dodger

I act like royalty when it comes to the cold so this door draft dodger made sense.

I stuffed it with fabric scraps and plastic bags that couldn’t otherwise be put to use.

Magnetic work cuff

Helps Paul control nails, screws, anything magnetic.

He has used it on projects like replacing wooden clapboard…so gratifying!

Yoga mat strap

Used the jean’s seams. Yes, that’s wire I temporarily used to keep the weak clasps holding. Would’ve replaced them but I exercise at home now.

Lunch bag

Just wanted to have some fun with this. Neither of us takes our lunches anywhere, so I knew he wouldn’t use this bag.

No problem…it now stores my creams, lotions, potions and witches’ brews!

Just a few ideas.

For instructions, I either did it off the top of my head (strap, cuff) or used a smarter crafter’s online directions (makeup bag, draft dodger).

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