Yep, I ate the following and more on various EW (“Eat Whatever”) days.

Cheesecake breakfast? Oh yes I did. And I went back for another square. Plus the homemade protein ball, cranberries, egg white, Cutie, and no-salt potato chips (had more of those too, how could I not?).

Avocado-mandarin orange smoothie. Just those two ingredients in a blender cup. The mandarins were the type out of a can, chilled and drained. Plus a whole avocado. How many calories? Probably a zillion to the ENth. Doesn’t matter for me on EW day.

Popcorn, raspberries, sauerkraut, leftover fried rice with cranberries, a fruit twist and chicken sausage. Some healthy stuff, some naughty stuff. (I shy away from eating animals but do make an exception now and then). Lots of calories. Forgot the add to the pic: 3 truffles!!

Sometimes I could just nibble on this gal, but I stuck to the high-calorie protein balls.

Dried fruit, peanuts, Chex mix, 1/2 a date-cashew bar. Loads of kcals & yum.

Toffee chips…check. I add these to whatever, or just eat ’em straight with a few nuts for protein/healthy fat.

Sweet potato with maple syrup, butter and cranberries on top, red peppers, hazelnut spread and a caramel waffle! Really? Uh huh.

Unless I’m on vacation or having scheduling issues, I eat hot buttered popcorn 4-5 times per week!

Homemade brownies. Zero fear here. But you won’t catch me eating them on low-cal day!

How do I eat wonderful hi-cal food and stay lean? Read more…

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