Since good sleep is crucial for healing and that glowing smile I want, I do my best to get every one of my “sleep situations” perfectly aligned.

Tinkerbelle, Queen of naps

For example, I sleep on my side, so a pillow between my knees is crucial for alignment.

Typical knee pillows are ridiculous, aren’t they?

The scooped-out one that leaves you with grinding bones, the tiny one that gets lost overnight, huge pillows that trap you, foam that gets too hot…

And none of them support the lower leg like this:

Sweet sleep relief

My answer to all that…I made my own.

It’s just like making a regular pillow, so I won’t add too many how-to details.

Step one:

I simply used a tape measure on my leg and added a few inches on all sides.

I knew making a template would take more time, and trying to be ‘perfect’ about it wouldn’t make it any better.

I marked the 2 fabrics and cut out one piece of each style:

Keep it simple

Step two:

Sew right sides together, leaving an opening for stuffing.

Step three:

Turn sewn case inside out and stuff evenly.

For stuffing I used leftover pillow filling and foam pieces, and arranged them until they were even.

Though I used pretty fabric, I cover my knee pillow with a standard case.

Works like a charm!

Know how “the camera adds 10 pounds”? Who knew that could happen to just one leg!

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