Even the newer cell phones today aren’t great at getting close-ups of wildlife in the distance.

So I bought a “monocular” to attach to my Galaxy A70 and catch some animal action.

Nature photography gets easier with a bird and wildlife watching monocular.

It greatly improves my ability to get close-ups. And makes me think I could get into bird photography.

Yes, I need work on focusing before the birdies fly off (for starters I could put on my glasses!).

Here’s some local New England birds and wildlife, including eastern bluebirds, yellow finches, and downy, flicker and red-bellied woodpeckers.

Plus a couple of rare and unusual species you definitely haven’t seen before!

You’ll notice this bird and wildlife monocular does take time to adjust – getting shots before the critters scatter takes practice.

Golden Finches

Giant screen feeder hosts 3 alert golden finches
Could this one be molting, or diseased?
No other bird in my yard looks like this, and I haven’t seen damaged-looking plumage or molting birds in 20 years of feeding.

Downy Woodpeckers

Alert for threats
There’s one!
She’s tough.
Buddy, back off my suet block.

Red Bellied Woodpecker

On the shy side
Having one second to focus before my bug-eating buddies bolt is not enough.

Flicker Woodpecker

Excuse the terrible pun…
…but, I like to tell my husband
…the only thing I like better than my new monocular
…is using it to appreciate a huge pecker up close. Wildlife photography rocks hard!

Black-Tipped Feeder Marauder

A rare sight
…unless you bait the feeder with cheddar cheese.

Eastern Bluebirds

Until this a couple of months ago, I hadn’t seen a bluebird in the yard for 10 years.

It’s been a treat to see 3 males and 1 female in the last 3 days.

This bluebird’s about 60 feet away. I tried turning off the camera’s auto-focus and zooming in with the screen.
80′ away. All pics in this post are taken through window glass, btw.
A female eastern bluebird, about 50 feet away
At least 80′ away
Bluebird in flight. They’re usually good at sitting still for me.
Takes a lot to get a decent pic. Dozens of shots narrow down to one. And then I shrink it by 90% to keep pages loading quickly.

Long-Haired Covid Sasquatch

This male of the species is NOT infected. He simply hasn’t been to the groomer since Corona hit.

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  1. Thamal Adikari says:

    I’ve tested this out on my friend’s phone and the results are just perfect! I’ve ordered one for myself as well for my galaxy S10 and I’m sure it would be great on taking zoomed in shots!

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