Big 100 calorie snack with healthy fat, protein and fiber.

Start with one 30 cal brown rice cake.

Top with 1 tbsp hummus for 40 more calories. Any flavor.

Add as much sauerkraut as you want. Any flavor.

Next, ~20 calories of cranberries – have w/in 3-4 hours of bed = get up to pee less.

This low-cal snack is…

  • Easy to whip together
  • Really tasty (unless you eat only pizza and candy bars)
  • Low- to no- gluten
  • Savory, crunchy and smooth all at once

It’s a bit sweet the cranberries. If you need more sweetness after this try gum.

Sauerkraut = fermented food for the gut which in turn affects mood and glow.


  • Add any green crunchy veggies like sprouts, snow peas or asparagus, even tomatoes and red, orange or yellow bell peppers for zero calories
  • Go easy on veggies & legumes in the beginning, they might change digestion
  • If you’re new to sauerkraut and hummus and you worry about gas, try food enzymes, like papaya enzymes from Vitacost.
  • I’m not a nutritionist so do your research.

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