Face ID Unlock on Xiaomi

Face ID Unlock on Xiaomi

Face ID unlocking is not the newest feature in modern smartphones.

Previously, it was only available in more expensive devices, but with the release of the MIUI 10 shell, the situation has changed and now anyone can use it.

So how do you activate Face ID on your smartphone?

To enable this function, go to “Settings” – “Lock and Protect”

If your smartphone has not had any protection installed before, you will have to configure them and choose one of the alternatives: digital code, password or graphic key.

Then press “Next”, take a picture of your face and press “Done”

When taking a picture of your face, you want it to be in the frame and it is better to take a picture in good light. This ensures good recognition in the future, even in the dark. Of course, here a lot depends on the quality of the front camera, as well as the presence of an infrared scanner.

It is worth noting that this type of smartphone lock is not worth getting your hopes up. Often, the device can be unlocked even by photo. This feature is made rather for convenience, when you activate the screen (with a double tap, for example), when a saved face is detected – the smartphone is automatically unlocked. This is very useful for those smartphones that do not have a fingerprint scanner (Redmi 6A) and to unlock you have to constantly enter a picture key or code. With Face ID, the process is much faster and does not require additional manipulation by the user.

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