Face Scanner in the Galaxy S10

Face Scanner in the Galaxy S10

Galaxy 10

The facial recognition sensor in Samsung’s flagships can easily be fooled with a portrait shot. The Galaxy S10 is no exception in this regard. Other manufacturers’ devices are susceptible to similar blocking bypasses.

Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy tricked the Samsung Galaxy S10’s face scanner unlock system with a video of himself.

The new S10 features two biometric user identification features: fingerprint unlocking and facial recognition. After testing the new flagship at length, I would recommend using only the fingerprint scanner.

The video confirms that face scanner (face ID) does not keep the device secure. Dave Mark of Loop noted that this could be a serious problem in case an attacker can take a video and use it to further unlock the device. It is worth noting that Samsung has never guaranteed the security of this method of user identification.

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