Face Unlock-Unlock Face on the Huawei Glory and Phones

Face Unlock-Unlock Face on the Huawei Glory and Phones

Huawei and honor the Face Unlock is a new feature introduced the new flagship model. Prior to this, a specific code or fingerprint to unlock was used for the smart phone. Now found developers a new way to unlock the mobile phone. To do this, face recognition through the camera is used. The phone scans and match the saved image. Look at the camera and the mobile phone will open immediately. This option is required in the winter. Now you do not need to remove gloves to press the button. Face Unlock unlocks your smartphone in seconds.

About Huawei “Face Unlock” feature

Huawei Face Unlock and honor is a useful option for the latest mobile device model. This opening method is simple and fast. This function is used in several models and test mode works. The developers an option that offers life easier for users. When buying a smartphone, ask the store if this service is available.

Huawei how facial recognition works / honor facial recognition

Face recognition is done using the front camera. Just like the human eye scan everything around, so the system works. These include such places as:

  • Discover;
  • Scan;
  • Recognition.

In front the audience immediately an image of career and highlights the main features of its appearance. The system matches the video on the screen with the saved image. It’s better to shoot “from the angle of the face to appear” this floor as much as possible. The program determines the shape and texture of face, eye color and shape, and also create a virtual model of the head.

Smartphones that support Face Lock

Technology that supports some models of gadgets. The program is available in the Mate 10 Lite and p Smart model. In addition, the No. 7C Pro Series is included in the list. All the gadgets of the very budget-friendly. Someone can buy them. Including individual price model. When you buy, find out if your smart phone is added to this list. Price slightly varies, but not much.


Install the service is very easy. Immediately after purchase, select the desired method of protection. In addition, the main method selected additional methods. Please enter a digital code or graphic code. After a failed attempt to open the face, use other methods. Do you use your phone for a long time? Conversion to open procedure through the settings folder. Then find the “security”section. Then click on the line “open with Face ID”.

Light effect and other factors

Immediately after entering the option, the users became interested in how the system works in different situations. In the poor light, the face does not recognize it. Run additional lighting so that the camera detects someone. To do this, double-click on the screen. Then a picture with an open forehead, away bangs.

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