It’s soup season, and here in New England foodies know today’s weather is inspiring some serious food porn…

This 15-minute recipe makes for a delicious soup on both my low-calorie days and Eat Whatever days.

I start with frozen veggies I have on hand.

Today it’s…

  • Edamame (a complete protein)
  • Corn
  • Spinach
  • Cauliflower mix

Broccoli works (less bitter when frozen), and other vegetables like carrots, peppers and peas are fair game.

So are fresh vegetables, root veggies, and old vegetables that are better off cooked.

But processing them adds time, which I prefer to save.

Cook all on medium-high until soft.

Next comes nutritious, healthy ingredients like rice and lentils, then a can of organic split pea soup.

I’m always wary of sodium – the lentils are 6%, split pea 22%.

Love to double the volume with veggies and divide by two – a serving of this batch of soup has 14% RDA of sodium.

And just 100 calories per cup!

Some other goodies I’ve added to soups (organic usually has the least added junk).

Yes, that’s cotton candy in the background.

No, it does not go in my soup ; D

Cook the soup ingredients up fast and hot.

When I remember, I add canned pumpkin toward the end for the antioxidants and fiber (not today, oops).

Unlike most recipes that claim to take 20-30-40 minutes, this healthy dish takes just 15. For real.

To blend and boost flavors more, 20 minutes more on low does the trick.

Because of low sodium content, I add spices like red & black peppers, cumin and paprika to my own bowl (my husband’s not a cumin fan…?!?).

The calorie count is low enough that I will eat a soup like this on low-cal day, on its own.

The leftovers get gobbled up on Eat Whatever day with other naughty/nice choices.

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