How to Enable Face ID on Android

How to Enable Face ID on Android

Face ID is a very popular feature that allows you to unlock the screen by face, thereby saving you from entering a password or using your fingerprint.

What it is and how it works

This technology hasn’t developed as much on Android as it has on iOS (which is where the famous Face ID came from) and has a different name – Face Unlock, but it works very similarly: once the feature is activated, your device will take a few pictures of your face from the front camera and use them as a pattern to unlock. Once you turn on the screen, if the camera recognizes you, you just swipe up or to the side and the device unlocks without entering a password.

There are no special device requirements for Face Unlock: Anyone with an Android device can unlock it, as long as they have a front camera and Android 5.0 or later installed, and you don’t need to download or install any third-party apps, everything is built into Android by default.

We want to warn you that this is not a very reliable unlocking technology – it’s easy to cheat, just show your picture or a person who looks like you. There are many videos on Youtube of people being tricked by the most advanced versions of Face ID as well. If that doesn’t scare you, then proceed to set it up according to the instructions below.

How to enable face id on android

  • Go to [Settings] and look for [Security];
  • Now find the [Smart Lock] section and go to it;
  • if you don’t have the graphic key or password set yet, the system will automatically prompt you to create it, it is a prerequisite. If the password is already set, just enter it;
  • Search for [Face Recognition] and enter it;
  • We will see a simple settings menu, which will tell you how to make the best settings. It all comes down to a simple rule: the better the lighting, the better the results;
  • After completing the settings, we recommend you to press the [Enhance Recognition] button and create 3-5 more pictures: it would be ideal to take them in a different light, without/with glasses, without/without beard, without/with makeup.

To test the function – turn off the device screen, then turn it on and do not rush to enter the password, try just swiping the lock with your finger, if the home screen opens – congratulations, everything works.

If you have problems, or if Face ID doesn’t work, we recommend that you use [Improving Recognition] until you get optimal results. In our tests, Face ID works 9 out of 10 times.

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