How to Hack Face ID With Regular Glasses

How to Hack Face ID With Regular Glasses

Simple, but with a twist

In the U.S. there is a Black Hat conference, which is dedicated to computer security. Tencent gave a talk on the unreliability of Face ID if the owner of the device wears glasses.

How to cheat Face ID?

When facial recognition occurs, Face ID does not scan the area around the eyes if the user wears glasses. The company did the following: they took regular glasses and taped part of the glass with black tape and the center with white tape. Face ID sees the white dot and recognizes it as an iris. So it is possible to unlock the smartphone.

You can unlock it, but it’s tricky

To take advantage of this workaround, you have to put glasses on the smartphone owner. And that’s hard to do. Well imagine trying to put glasses on you at night. I think most would wake up to the strange discomfort.

This is what modified glasses look like.
Tencent advised Apple to increase the scanning area if the user wears glasses.

Still top protection

30,000 dots projected onto the face

If you have a smartphone with Touch ID, you just need to place your finger on the iPhone and unlock it. When the person is asleep, it’s much easier to do that. And if you have an Android smartphone with a face scanner, you can forget about security altogether: flagships can be unlocked by photo.

That’s why there are no counterparts to Face ID. This is the safest system that exists, and such security flaws will be fixed very quickly – this is Apple. I just love Face ID on my iPad and hope they never change the system to an under-display fingerprint scanner. Let’s see what Google does with the Pixel 4.

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