How to Improve Facial Recognition on Samsung

How to Improve Facial Recognition on Samsung

Over time and with the advancement of science and technology, we have changed fingerprint scanners for facial recognition, although this system is not perfect, it offers a fast and efficient unlock. And when we find ourselves in more difficult environments, such as at dark, it’s not as good, but on Samsung mobile we could better its outcomes by resting on its setup.

Improving facial recognition on Samsung phones

Samsung’s level of personalization, known as One UI brings together many options that allow us to take even more advantage of our cell phone. Among its adjustments, we will find a number of options that improve facial recognition using artificial intelligence to take advantage of all the opportunities that smartphones provide us.

Steps to improve recognition with a single user interface

If you haven’t had problems using Samsung Galaxy facial recognition so far, you probably don’t need to change anything, but since it’s likely that at least some error you encountered, we recommend you take a look at what you have to do. These enhancements are implemented according to our situations by day or by night.

First, we go into our mobile settings.
Next, we look for the Biometrics and Security option.
In the next section, we select facial recognition.
This is where we will get the access to the different functional features that we will have to activate according to our requirements.

Reconocimiento for Samsung face

The first option we see marked in the images is the fastest recognition, a method based on artificial intelligence, which requires less time to accept or deny access. This option gives us higher speed, but also a little less security, so if we do not mind waiting a few tenths of a second more, we should not use it.

It is highly recommended to increase the brightness of the screen, an effect that occurs when we are in low light conditions, when Samsung Face Recognition can not recognize us. With the brightness of screen, the intelligent phone will get sufficient intelligence from our face to give us resolution and not have to use another security method.

Aspects of the evaluation to unlock our Samsung

Although we have followed all the steps mentioned above to improve facial recognition on Samsung with One UI it is not always enough. To assist the recognition system, we need to take into accounts other facets, such as the position of our face, when keeping it, because a change in tendency can lead to us being constantly mistaken.

Accessories such as glasses, earrings or cap are also crucial and can be a problem that prevents us from using it unlock the system as we would like. In the case of constant mistakes and having already tried the methods we have explained to you, we just have to keep our face in facial rebirth in good light and with these tips.

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