Throughout my 33-year binge in mind-body disciplines, I’ve had friends, acquaintances and loved ones ask about my tricks, tips and routines.

They want a book, they said, a blog, a website…anything that chronicles my desire to wrangle a healthy glow.

I’m wowed to have heard sweet things that actually make my eyes glisten a bit, like “How – exactly – do you look 40 at 50?”

(Thanks for making me shine inside!)

I’ve eternally cherished enabling others in the connection of their natural, creative and inner selves.

So this is my gift to those who’ve inspired me.

…to anyone who’s aiming to unwrap the gift of radiance…

I hope you each get a little something out of my years of exploring, learning, training, sharing, feeling, absorbing and experiencing.

Finding that little shot of passion where I can…music, my little fuzzies, creating, healthy food, exercise, quading outside…it’s all about the boost.

I’ll constantly try share the best of myself with you.

Sincere wishes,