iPhone Face ID Unlocks by Clock

iPhone Face ID Unlocks by Clock

Ability to unlock iPhone via Face ID in a mask appeared

Apple continues to look for a solution to the problem of unlocking the iPhone with Face ID in times of coronavirus – it’s no secret that the face scanner is still not very good at “recognizing” the owner if he wears a medical mask. As it turns out, iOS 14.5 will include the ability to use Face ID to gain access to their smartphone, but the user will need to buy an Apple Watch.

In the COVID-19 pandemic, people wear masks in public places, including transportation, stores, and even offices, making the Face ID scanner installed in today’s iPhones virtually useless. This technology is not yet able to authentically confirm the identity of its owner from the face, most of which is covered by a mask.

While Apple smartphones used to have a Touch ID fingerprint scanner, starting with the iPhone X it has been replaced by a face scanner, which is currently the only way to unlock the gadget using biometric data.

This puts all iPhone owners in an uncomfortable position, as they have to access their smartphone dozens of times a day, which in turn requires constant removal and putting on a mask.

The Cupertino company is actively trying to solve this problem. Last year a software update was released, which slightly improved the process of face recognition in the mask, but this system also does not guarantee a 100% result. 

According to the portal The Verge, in the beta version of the operating system iOS 14.5 there is a new opportunity to use Face ID in the mask, but to use it you must also have a smartwatch Apple Watch. It works like this – when you turn on the appropriate feature in settings, the user lifts their iPhone to face unlock and feels a slight tactile response from the watch on their wrist. This means that the iPhone is unlocked.

For this to work, both devices must be in close proximity to each other. In addition, the watch must be unlocked in advance by the owner. It’s worth noting that simplified Face ID unlocking will only be possible for iPhone screen access – App Store and iTunes purchases will require additional confirmation if the user wears a mask.

Also as an additional security measure, if the smartphone has enabled unlocking with the Apple Watch, you will have to enter your password every few hours, thus confirming your identity.

This will protect the user if, for example, their gadgets are stolen

Although unlocking with a facial scanner is a more modern feature than Touch ID, Apple is rumored to be planning to “go back to the roots” and use the fingerprint sensor in the next iPhone model. According to the Wall Street Journal, the notional iPhone 13 could reintroduce Touch ID, which will be hidden under the gadget’s screen. According to preliminary reports, the company will use a hybrid, optical-capacitive fingerprint scanner for safer and more accurate use.

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