Learn Face Reading

Discover the Art of Modern Face Reading…Just by Playing Cards

You can now easily peel open others’ priorities and ambitions, get people seeking your opinion, and build a long list of admirers and allies.

Imagine having all that without having to grow a “sixth sense”.

Even if you are a bit psychic, you’ll learn to completely trust your feelings about people instantly and accurately with Character Cards and the power of face reading.

A Connecticut-based entrepreneur has launched a unique product that will literally help you read others like a book or, more accurately, like a deck of cards.

Studies indicate that each person’s facial features provide telling clues about attitude.

8 random cards

Character Cards uncover personality through facial topography. 

“They are the guide that unwraps human behavior beautifully,” says deck developer Kristina Powell.

“Each Character Card highlights a static feature and reveals the meaning behind it in an engaging, easy-to-grasp way.

“Face reading is based on exhaustive factual research that’s hard to dispute after four or five thousand years of use,” Powell continues.

Cards + How-To

Practicing face reading, or physiognomy, with friends and family helps the student anchor the personality traits most deeply.

Once you’re comfortable with that, try studying Character Cards while in public; sitting in a library or cafe, riding the bus, on your lunch hour…whenever you can.

“Look around and read people’s faces. Bring Character Cards out at events and gatherings and watch people flock to you,” says Powell.

Some people memorize these traits like the multiplication table and secretly analyze the faces of everyone they meet. 

Character Cards can also be a tough-love face reading guide that helps savvy people to root out their real challenges.

It’s a no-nonsense way to develop psychological insight, deal more efficiently with love problems, and become a better judge of character.

All while feeling more than a little psychic!

Order 1 deck of Character Cards for just $17.95 +tax, shipping included:

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Buy them for your wine tastings, bachelorette parties, corporate events, stay-cations, girls’ night, birthday goody bags, and holidays.

Unique, eye-opening Character Cards amaze and amuse guests and friends alike!


  • 50 face reading flash cards detailing eyes, brows, lips & mouth
  • Full-color examples on one side, descriptions on the other
  • How to Use Character Cards – 2 pages
  • Front & rear box covers
  • AUDIO: downloadable 79 minute Using Character Cards
  • PDF: Face Reading Traits StackedConstellation Quick List
  • Ring shown is not included