I wanted a unique necklace for a particular evening out, and I had 15 minutes to whip something up.

There was no way I could do a lot of stringing, and I wondered how I could avoid using a clasp to cut even more time.

My answer:

Items: a metal chain, 2 head pins, 4 beads, and round pliers (can use them to open loops or get a needle nose too).

I looped the pins through the wire of the 2 silver mesh discs.

Threaded the black lava beads onto the pins.

Looped the pins to the chain (round pliers), after sizing the chain to myself.

This is my favorite type of craft – QUICK, easy, and you end up with a little POW.

Even better, for a different look I can leave it hanging. It’s heavily weighted on the ends and won’t go anywhere

I especially like that it goes with lots of colors and styles.

Better side sleeping
Yes, I eat cake!

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