I’m no vocal coach…and that’s why I recommend one if you want to see if singing can boost your radiance factor.

I mean really work on improving your voice, even if – especially if – you already love to sing in the shower or the car or wherever on your own.

I never thought I was a ‘natural’. I don’t aspire to being known for my voice.

But I do want to be my very best. It just feels good. Anything to get a smile.

Especially at karaoke night!

Finding some good coaches online and following their videos has been great for improving my abilities.

Here are a few whose techniques I’ve used over and over to get a better singing voice.

And here’s a much-needed warm-up I use for vocal breaks, among others.

“Ungee-ungay” for breaks. I use this almost daily…it’s a great exercise by Verba Vocal Techniques:

The audio’s rough, but effective…try it several times until you feel smooth.

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