• Exploring
  • Playing
  • Inventing
  • Improving
  • Risking
  • Saving
  • Cooking
  • Performing
  • Moving
  • Joking
  • Loving
  • Discovering

What ignites your brightest shine?

Have you transformed yourself in some miraculous way?

What have you done or seen, who do you know or have you met…and what makes you smile when you think of it or them?

Is it a person or an animal…an activity, an exercise or a hobby?

An endeavor, an undertaking or an attitude…

Maybe it’s a product, a tool, a service or a class…perhaps a charitable act, a beauty routine, or even your career or business.

What makes you feel healthy, wise, loved, beautiful, complete?

Promotes your longevity, your inner child, makes you thrive?

More naps could possibly help

Canoodling, creating, singing, appreciating, searching, building, listening, driving, meditating, writing, re/making, gifting, riding, re-inventing, storytelling, growing, teaching, fixing, negotiating, re-purposing, figuring, trekking, caring, practicing, celebrating, observing, giving…

Do you have an amazing meet-cute tale to tell?

Has an unexpected life turn brought you the greatest joy?

What makes you give off sparks?

Concisely tell us your first-person story below. Use good literary technique and 1,000 words or less.

If your story is chosen for publication, you’ll receive a copy of “Unwrapping Radiance: Gifted with a Glow”.

Plus, your story will be forever remembered!

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