Unlocking iPhone With Face ID Without Removing the Face Mask

Unlocking iPhone With Face ID Without Removing the Face Mask

In the beta version of iOS 14.5 for developers, users can unlock the iPhone via Face ID without removing their face masks.

Engadget writes about it.

However, the new feature has a couple of nuances. This feature works only when paired with the Apple Watch. In this case, it must be activated manually in the settings of the iPhone, and in the settings of the “smart” watch must be enabled wrist recognition.

The function works as follows: you must first unlock the Apple Watch, and then use Face ID as usual. When you successfully unlock your smartphone, the Apple Watch will vibrate.

It is also reported that this feature was introduced only to unlock the phone. To pay for purchases with Apple Pay in a medical mask, the user can use the Apple Watch. To auto-fill passwords in the App Store, iTunes and Safari, the system will automatically prompt for an iPhone passcode.

The unlock will only work if the system realizes that the user is wearing a mask and not just a face covered with something.

The ability to recognize the mask appeared in iOS 13.5 beta 3 last spring:

Apple taught Face ID to recognize the mask on users’ faces
When there is no mask on the face, Face ID works as usual

To install the iOS 14.5 beta, you need to:

  • Back up your system via Settings -> Account -> iCloud -> iCloud Copy;
  • Install the system configuration, e.g. from here;
  • Confirm it in “Settings” -> “Main” -> “Profile”, where you need to select the line iOS 14 Beta Software Profile and install the system via “Software Update”.

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