A long time ago, in a town not terribly far away, I ran a martial arts and fitness studio.

I wrote a number of eating plans and fitness guides for my clients.

I now offer them to you free of charge!

Check out Fruit Fat Flush, a 21-day system for losing body fat and flushing ‘toxins’.

I wrote it in January of 2011. Whew.

Here’s the old Eating Plan itself, along with menus:

Here are some Fruit Fat Flush recipes from 19+ years ago:

JUST FYI – I haven’t read through this plan in years and years, so I make no claims as to it’s effectiveness or safety!

I can say that when I used it, it worked for me.

I remember several of my clients enjoying it, feeling great, and losing weight with the plan.

Naturally that doesn’t apply to everyone, but as always I wish you luck with all your healthy experiments.

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  1. Thamal Adikari says:

    I’ve been doing this method for near two months after seeing this and definitely can see a visual change in effect! Like it says, it may work differently from person to person but I hope it does for you!

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