One question I get more than any other is “Can you just eat anything and stay slim?”

If only!

I’m lean because I’m on a healthy eating plan, with no thanks to a magic metabolism.

I alternate high- and low-cal days.

Low-cal currently means 800 kcals total.

“Eat Whatever” high-cal day means I can splurge a bit.

For example my week looks like this:

  • Sunday = low-cal (500 to 800)
  • Monday = whatever
  • Tuesday = low-cal
  • Wednesday = whatever
  • Thursday = low-cal
  • Friday = whatever
  • Saturday = low-cal

The next week I do exactly the opposite:

  • Sunday = hi-cal ‘eat whatever’ day
  • Monday = low-cal
  • Etc.

For the first two years I was 47-48 years old, and ate quite a bit on “Whatever” days.

I alternated them with 500 calorie low-cal days at first.

I hit my goal weight – losing 20 pounds in about one year – and then brought the low-cal days’ total up to 800.

Gotta stay lean & mean for outdoor fun!

However at that time, I had to bring the “Whatever” within reason, due to hitting ages 49-50.

That means I still eat awesome treats, but without going nuts.

I have a cookie or even two, but not 3 or more.

Or I have a bean & veggie burrito, a mixed drink, and a piece of candy.

Soup and salad, an appetizer, then wine with lasagna, followed by dessert…that’s not something this gal can handle without feeling sick and gaining weight!

A few simple guidelines for my “Eat Whatever” days:

  • I’m naughty but limit portions & add veggies to satiate
  • Only 1-2 servings of alcohol, if any
  • Have healthy protein, fat or fiber with every snack/meal
  • Easy on fried food, include a veggie with the meal
  • I drink water, and/or…
  • Have plenty of produce, esp. fruit, and/or…
  • I have nutritious hot soups in winter to fill up & stay hydrated
  • I eat only between 8am and 6pm on Eat Whatever day

Turns out eating within a 10-hour window daily is great for the gut microbiome, circadian rhythms, and weight loss.

But that’s better explained here for those who enjoy food science:

Note: this is simply a personal online diary…I am not a doctor or a nutritionist and this is not meant as advice.

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