What Sunglasses Block Face ID and How to Fix It

What Sunglasses Block Face ID and How to Fix It

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The Face ID equipment in the iPhone is excellent when working, but it’s annoying when some of the sunglasses blocks it from functioning. There has been quite a bit of speculation as to the cause and whether polarization is a factor.

Why don’t some sunglasses work with Face ID?

For example, if you wear a pair of Ray-Ban shades with a silver or pink tint, you will find that Face ID works fine: whether they are polarized Ray-Ban or Ray-Ban P lenses. , However, if you switch to a blue or green pair – polarized or non-polarized again – Face Face just won’t work.

The main problem is the tinting of the sunglasses’ lenses: the Face ID sensors can’t see enough of your eyes behind the lenses.

How to make Face ID work with your shades

You can make Face ID work with all pairs of sunglasses, but unfortunately not without compromising your phone’s security.

If you go into ” Settings → ” Face ID and Passcode and turn off ” Required Attention for Face ID , your phone will no longer try to determine if you are looking at your phone because it recognizes you. Disabling this means that your phone can be unlocked if it is pointed at your face and you have your eyes closed. Disabling this will also disable the attention-getting features on your phone, such as screen brightness controls.

In most cases this will work – it certainly will for Ray-Bans of all colors

However, if your sunglasses are particularly large or cover your face, you may need to adjust the “Alternate Appearance” setting. This can be done using Settings → ” Face ID and Passcode → ” Set Up an Alternative Appearance . Unfortunately, creating an Alternative Appearance alone is not enough to make Face ID work without disabling “Require Attention for Face ID”.

What about using Face ID with a mask?

Since masks are opaque rather than translucent, they are not designed to work with Face ID. However, Michael Potak of 9to5 Mac has written about how to improve Face ID recognition changes when wearing a mask .

Another test-and it’s more obscure-is to use your sunglasses in front of your TV remote control when using them. If the IR signal from the remote can pass through the lenses to the TV, the glasses will probably work with Face ID.

Apple provides its own guide to diagnosing problems with Face ID , but doesn’t say much about sunglasses other.

Face ID works with many sunglasses. If you wear sunglasses designed to block certain types of light, then your sunglasses may block the infrared light used by the TrueDepth camera. Try using Face ID without your sunglasses.

Good luck!

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